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Modular strategy game in Keno is currently the most common. With this system, a lot of people around the world have become rich by winning jackpots.

And so we go directly to the consideration of the most modular system in the game of Keno. First we need to choose 20 numbers that you think are most likely to loss. The data 20 numbers must be split into groups according to the number 4, in the end you get 5 groups of 4 numbers. 


As a result, the pair of variant collected in 10 numbers. But in general it turns 6 combinations of 10 rooms, which are and must be bet.

In the best outcome of events will turn out, that you will fall out of 2 in each block, that's just wonderful.

If we consider the probability of winning and progirysha, it turns out that the minimum win probability is only 1.95%. And most importantly, more than the big win, the greater the likelihood of winning. Thus, the probability that at least one embodiment gather 7 prize number equals 38.94%. This is an excellent result. And if we take into account that may be lucky and will gather all ten numbers chosen by you together!

Therefore Block strategy game Keno will help you win a huge sum of playing Keno. Play keno and win.

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