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betting strategy

Let's try to figure out what the total is in the betting game and what tactics to totals. The total is based on the strategy are betting on the number of goals scored, points, goals, sets, games, and other similar events that offer their services in all, without exception, the bookmakers. In order to win, when betting on totals only need to guess the match will total over more or less. Therefore, the total is a strategy, as well as the tactics of the total is very simple.

Rates on the total strategy gained widespread popularity in team sports. Most popular among the players has a strategy of European firms total for soccer, but players overseas bookmakers prefer to bet on the total in basketball or hockey.


Application of Total Strategy, no doubt, helps players to significantly increase the winnings from bets and reduce the risk of loss to a minimum.

To fully understand the strategy of the total is take one of the matches of the Italian Serie A, between Milan and Juventus. Total - this match 2.5 goals (coefficients of more / less about equal). That is, if you bet on the total more, the match must be scored at least three goals, respectively, if less, then two, one or zero. Before you start playing on the strategy you need to know the total is that Total is not only a fraction (0.5, etc.), but also consists of integers (1, and so on). This means that when hit by Thoth, the player waits for the calculation by a factor of 1, ie a refund.

The essence of the game strategy for the following totals:

The player must find the line in the two matches, which, in his opinion, should end on total less than (or more, it does not matter). Then, to increase the probability of success to put the three-Express:

First Express - Duel 1 Total more Duel 2 - Total More;

Second Express - 1 Total Under Duel, Duel 2 - Total More;

Third Express - Duel 1 Total More Duel 2 - Total Under.

Given the fact that the quotes in the totals on average equal to 1.9, then for each of the above expresses a common factor will be 3.61 (1.9 multiplied by 1.9). That is, the game system plays totals only if the two match end on total less. If one of the matches will end with totals more - will come to the net profit of 20 percent. That is, putting $ 1,000 on each Express, you can win 3610 dollar at the coincidence of one of the totals (610 dollars).


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