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betting strategy

Perhaps, it is difficult to come up with a simpler and more common strategy game at the bookmaker, what strategy is the outcome of the match. After all, it is well-organized with the game could well afford to have a stable income, even though the rates will not always win.

Naturally, to accurately predict the outcome of the match is difficult. Since guess the outcome of the match? Many players with long hours make up its forecast for the outcome of the match, while others lend themselves to impulse and hope for good luck. You can also buy bet on the outcome of the match on specialized sites, which sell forecasts. This will save significant time, but we should not forget that a truly high-quality forecasts are good money, because to calculate the outcome of the match does not need a little work. Therefore, you must decide for yourself whether the planned winning pay all costs associated with the purchase rate and prognosis.


The strategy of the outcome of the match is very often used by players who have long argued for someone better put - on the clear favorites or outsiders, which provide high rates. Experienced players know that is constantly put into small factors - 1.1-1.3 makes no sense, as it will inevitably lead to the player's bankruptcy or significant loss of their bank. According to statistical data such matches are completed in favor of the favorites only in 70% of cases, which means that the average ratio of 1.2 and a fixed rate of $ 100 the player will receive a loss (10,000 (expenses) - 8400 (win)) $ 1,600.

It is easy to calculate that at a rate of at neproigrysh or victory (in games with two outcomes) outsiders at an average rate of 3.5 players in similar cases receive a net profit of $ 500 (10,000 (expenses) - 10500 (gain)). Also at such rates can apply one of the most progressive policies (Martingale), then winnings may increase significantly.

Generally, players prefer to guess the outcome of football matches, as for this sport can find a wealth of useful information, and the central matches of championships of various television channels are broadcast daily.

Betting on the outcome of the match in football - a victory or neproigrysh one of the teams, a draw or the outcome of 12 - a draw will not. The strategy of the match in this case can be used as follows. You can include multiple outcomes to express, but many players know that it is rarely profitable, as to guess several events is quite difficult and very often the case that one result of a common set of outcomes does not match and express loses.

Therefore it is best to use instead of the expression system, for example, 3 of 4. With proper selection of the coefficients of this will make a profit even if a wrong guess result.

The strategy of the outcome of the match is also used in the modified system, which is called "classical". It used it in the case when a player choosing to bet three matches, confident in their choice about their winners, but decided to play it safe and put one a draw. To do this, create four Express:

1) victory 1 victory 1 victory 1;

2) win 1 win 1, draw;

1) 1 win, draw, win 1;

2) draw; 1 victory; victory 1

Provided that the minimum ratio for each of them is less than 4.0 on the player will profit margins.

The strategy of the match - it is the kind of game at the bookmaker with whom began their careers, most fans of sports betting. And this is not surprising, because the simplicity and convenience makes it ideal for beginners and professional privateers often admit that earned her a lot of money.

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