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betting strategy

The well-known German strategy is a series of numbers is one of the innovative strategy that is based on a constant increase in the size of the bet. If we compare it with the most common strategy Martingale, it is more accurate and does not always bring the player to profit from the first successful outcome. However, the strategy is a series of numbers has enough positive moments to enjoy it a lot of players betting shops. Among them, special attention should be given the absence of a serious increase in the size of bets, which is observed in the application of the method of Martingale. The basic principle of a series of numbers, it is best to consider a specific example. So, suppose you have defined for yourself, your immediate goal win at the bookmaker $ 100. Try to guess how many time do you need for it. To calculate the average take rate in the event of 2.0, and the probability of winning approximately 40%, because it is better to underestimate their capabilities than overestimate them. It turns out that we will lose 50 per cent more often than winning (6 progryshey and 4 win 10 bets). a series of numbers system with the goal to win the $ 100 is divided into 20 equal parts and will be as follows:

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5


Through a series of numbers on a system bet, follow these simple rules. If you lose in the end of the row is added to another number, and if the rate is played, the first and the last number is expunged from the drawn number.

The strategy also requires a series of numbers of calculations to determine the size of the bet. The first rate is calculated by the following formula:

Expected to be divided by the gain factor at minus one event. After losing bets you need to calculate the size of the next. It is equal to the sum, which includes the numerical values ​​of the first and last numbers of the series. After the addition, the resulting number is divided by a factor of bets minus 1. Of course, the strategy is a series of numbers, does not such as the Martingale progression, but the risk of losing the pot, though not as big, but still present. Complete loss of possession of the bank may be the case if a series of failures significantly delayed. Although some influence on the outcome has, how the player will be a series of numbers.

Another positive point is that strategy a series of numbers - is the possibility of its modification, correction rates sizes depending on their goals. Naturally all of this will require more effort from the player, as is necessary to keep a certain written documentation that will need to fix himself a series of numbers, add and expunged them in case of loss and win, respectively.

It is best if the strategy is a series of numbers will be pre-tested player without investing large sums of money in order to be able to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of it and adapt it for themselves.

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