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betting strategy

Among the large number of different strategies on sports betting, particularly interesting for beginners is not complicated, and at the same time quite a profitable strategy in the scoreboard.

Account strategy implies that the player must accurately guess with what result, completed the upcoming event. Bet on the correct score - it is very difficult, may object to the player, but the bookmakers, understanding it, give account for every option very high rates that attracted many players. 


Naturally, bet on the correct score in basketball, handball and other team sports, where a large number of balls hammered, bookmakers are not offered in the lines. The most popular among the players are betting on the score in football. Also, the expense of strategy is used when betting on tennis and volleyball, which are invited to guess the correct score in sets.

Actual expense strategy in football, because football matches best to be analyzed, in addition, sportsbooks constantly give in painting the most likely options for the outcomes of all the major European championships. If the player does not find interest in the outcome of his paintings, in which case the option provided bookmakers betting on the match score - "any other"

The strategy is based on the account data of statistics, which indicate that about half of the football matches end in a draw 0-0 or 1-1 or 1-0 victory, 2-1, 2-0. But as you can see it as much as 5 account options and commands are only two, so to get a steady income from these rates you must use one of the developed systems, but you must pay attention to the fact that some offices do not accept parlays and more than a system of a bet on the correct score.

Strategy expense - plus or minus one.

The first is a system of plus or minus one. When using it you need to select 4 matches, and to determine what the most likely outcomes they can be. Next to each result you need to add and subtract one goal each team (if it is 2-1, it will be 1-1, 2-2 and so on.).

After that, you need to calculate a system that would take into account all possible scenarios on the estimated bills - Express and Ordinaries. Such options would be 15.

1. Match-1 - single;

2. Match 2 - single;

3. Match-3 - single:

4. match 4 - single:

5. Express: the first and the second leg;

6. Express: the first and third match;

7. Express: The first and fourth match;

8. Express: The second and third match;

9. Express: The second and fourth match;

10. Express: The third and fourth match;

11. Express matches - the first, second, third;

12. Express matches - the first, second, fourth;

13. Express matches - the first, third, fourth;

14. Express matches - the second, third, fourth;

15. Express matches - the first, second, third, fourth

For each option you need to put the same amount. In order to account strategy with this system yielded a decent profit, as a rule, you will need to guess the outcome of just 2.

Strategy expense - doubles

Account strategy has a more interesting version of the game for the players. This strategy takes.

The fact that approximately 12% of meetings end with a score of 1-0 and a half games - wins the game. The hosts were victorious with a score of 1-0 in a match of four. On this basis, we can assume that from 10 matches 1-0 in favor of the hosts will be locked in at least two cases. Selecting 10 events by a factor of at least 7.0, the player must put the system 2 of 10 and receive a net gain for two successful outcomes.

Detailed study of statistics and analysis of past matches, each player can successfully use the account strategy to obtain a stable gain your gaming bank.


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