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baccarat strategy

In the sixties of the twentieth century, Edward Thorp, an American professor of mathematics, the legendary blackjack player, published several works on the theory of gambling and developed a kind of strategy to the game of baccarat with which the player can stay in the black. It Thorpe at the time showed that in the game of blackjack, you can gain an advantage by using the method of card counting - and in his spare time and found some winning strategy in Baccarat. His discovery Thorpe hurried to share with the suffering - in 1964 its strategy of baccarat is based on an analysis of the number of cards remaining in the deck the dealer, was published in the American magazine Life, then, of course, the Vegas casinos were quick to "cover" the possibility, thanks a player a chance of winning in baccarat at the casino increased.

Edward Thorp's strategy is no longer valid today, but this, however, does not mean that from the works of mathematics is nothing more to learn. In particular, it is important to analyze the Thorpe concerning the calculation of probabilities in baccarat - the famous mathematician once calculated the probability of a favorable outcome for the participants of the game.

 Today, as a science-based strategies for the guaranteed win in Baccarat, but there are, however, some of the data that should be taken into consideration when playing baccarat. Experts recommend as little as possible to put on the "draw" the outcome of the game, because in this case the house edge over the player as much as possible, and how to bet on the dealer often as possible:

  • If a player makes a bet on the dealer winning, the house edge is 1.06%
  • If a player makes a bet on the player's winnings, the casino advantage is 1.24%
  • If a player bets on a tie, the house edge can be as high as 7-14%

Choosing the strategy of the game of baccarat, be sure to consider the likelihood of a particular outcome of the game (it depends on the number of decks used in Baccarat):

For a game with six decks of the probability of winning the dealer is 0.458653, the probability of the player winning is 0.446279 and the probability of a draw - just 0.095069 (which is why the payment at the rate of draw much higher - the probability is minimal) for the game with eight decks of probability the dealer winning is 0.458597, the winning player - 0.446247, and draw - 0.095156

Moreover, one should consider the fact that, depending on the number of decks and commission for baccarat different casinos in figure house edge (i.e. edge casino) may differ:


of decks







Draw with payment


Draw with payment














Thus, taking into account the probability of the table and the casino advantage, the basic principles of any strategy game baccarat following:

  • Betting on the dealer profitable than the rate for the player and the more a bet on a draw (odds of winning at a rate of slightly more than at the dealer)
  • Baccarat with six decks is preferable - the odds of winning a little more than in a situation where for a game eight decks used in Baccarat
  • When choosing rate must take into account interest payments on a draw and the Commission in each individual casino
  • You can never bet on a draw - chances of winning are minimal
  • The optimal variant of the game of baccarat - a game with six decks and the commission in the amount of not more than 4%

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