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Baccarat - One of the card games that have simple rules, but, despite this, interest in the game from the gamblers seen so far - for the past several centuries. With the advent of online gambling, baccarat is one of the first migrated to the virtual casino-entertainment. And now everyone wants to have the opportunity to earn money playing baccarat without getting up from the computer.

As with most other gambling entertainment, success in the game of baccarat is largely dependent on luck as some theoretical knowledge there are unlikely to help. However, there are some strategies that significantly elevate the player chances of a positive outcome. Many of them work properly, but the rest faithfully serve confident gambler. Driving games 1-3-2-6 refers specifically to those.


What is the meaning of this strategy?

Strategy of Baccarat, based on the theory of 1-3-2-6 is not a panacea for the bitterness of losses, but playing on its algorithm, you can go to a regular income, not trusting in the benevolence of fortune before each game round. 1-3-2-6 strategy involves a special procedure by which to carry out rate. Let's look at an example of how it works.

First you need to define a standard bet size, it can be any amount available in your presence; as an example, take $ 2.

The next step - the beginning of the game; as you know, in the game of baccarat online casino gambler should put on one of three things: the dealer winning, the player winning or a draw. In fact, it does not matter to which of the events set, the main thing to strictly follow the structure of the game, which, in fact, hold 1-3-2-6 scheme. With 1, 3, 2, and 6 - these are the coefficients, which are needed to play the first, second, third and fourth rounds of the forming cycle.

Thus, in the first round, you need to put on one of the events 2 $. If the winning bid will be, by the amount won is necessary to add another the minimum bid, to get 3 ($ 6). That is, in the second round, we will have to bet $ 6. Under favorable circumstances - gain is 6 primary rate ($ 12). Consuming 4 bet ($ 8) and set in the third round two ($ 4). If you win - you need to put in the fourth bet 6 ($ 12). As a result - at the party a success overall pribytok be 12 bets ($ 24).

If you lose one of the rounds - you need to start the cycle anew.

Of course, we can not say with confidence that this strategy in the game of baccarat will work every time, but the system is not supposed to be. A positive feature of it is that, in any case, the loss will not exceed two of the original bet. That is - if the chain breaks off winning in the first round - a loss rate is 1; in the second - two; in the third - cycle would be advantageous (with a profit of two rates); in the fourth - the game will be released in a zero.


The effectiveness of the strategy 1-3-2-6

Tactics play a 1-3-2-6 basic rules, so its use does not need to wear a proffesional status in the field of online gambling. Even if you are just starting their way in the gaming activity - using a similar scheme in baccarat games should have no difficulties.

Importantly, the strategy gives 1-3-2-6 results on long periods of time, instant results should not be expected. As for the real effectiveness of the tactics, many gamblers use it quite successfully, the main focus on the actions underlying the scheme and clear them to act.

Before you start playing for money, you can be trained in the application of the strategy in the learning mode (most online casinos offer this capability).

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